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Fall Foraging

     Fall is a great time for foraging. The bounty is really endless; fall fruit, nuts, herbs, and all kinds of other stuff. This list consists of a few of my favorite fall staples that I come back to year after year, with one or two new ones thrown in. I selected plants based on my experience in the Southeast, but most of these plants have a wider range from the Eastern US to worldwide. I have found most, if not all, of these plants in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Most of these plants are incredibly common, so keep your eyes open next time you are out and about and you might come home with a delicious fall harvest! Photo by  Inga Seliverstova  from  Pexels Persimmons     Persimmons are the holy grail of fall foraging. Juicy, tangy, free fruit; what could be better! Here in the Southeast, they ripen around September and slowly fall off the tree through winter. The easiest way to harvest persimmons is to simply gather them off the ground as they fall. A word to the wise here though

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